Sweetener application in animal-breeding

Sweetener application in animal-breeding

Sweetener application in animal-breeding

What is the sweetener application in animal-breeding? – Sodium Saccharin

Lots of research indicated that feed intake is the first factor which affects production performance in the animal-breeding industry. That’s why it is important to improve feed intake. The solution is feed additive sweetener.

Sodium saccharin is one of the best choices to improve feed intake.
It is 300-500 times sweet than sucrose, and it is stable. Besides, cheap.

Improve feed intake and boost absorption

Sweet is one of the most favorite taste sensations of the young animal, sweet taste can bring an appetite stimulant to them.
The digestive system will receive cerebral reflexes to processing digestive enzymes, improve digestive competence by enlarging and expedite the movement of the gut system.
Sweetener also can cover the peculiar smell of feed.

Sweetener in the feed:

  • Non-toxicity and non-carcinogens, no harm during animal growth.
  • Can fastest sweet the animal as well as sucrose but with a low dosage.
  • Stable during production and storage.
  • Soluble in water.