Jiujiang Younger Chemical Co., Ltd was founded in 2017 and was established in Jiangxi China. We are highly supported by the factories we are working for over 3 years now. Younger Chem is the only agent of Fujian Kungang Chemicals, who authorized us to export their products. We have a 12 Ph.D. in our R&D team to develop new products and own 32 patents. Including Pulp & paper agents, textile agents, and daily chemicals.


We have grown into a business specializing in the creation of solutions, innovations, and optimizations at the request of customers as well as at its own initiative. This is all done in close cooperation both with the existing and potential customers. Naturally, Younger chem pays close attention to quality.


Younger chem implements integral quality management, which must result in the optimization of profitability, efficiency, and results at all levels.


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